Free Talk

You're not just a wave
You're the ocean
– Dr Tony Nader

Many of us look at life as something that happens to us, like we are a victim of our circumstances.


In reality, we are a lot more powerful than we realise when it comes to creating our own destiny. The more we can understand and unleash our potential, the more we can create the life we want. We invite you to embark on a Consciousness Journey to unleash the perfect you.


The Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness we’ll use to help you on this journey have stood the test of time by surviving thousands of years. We’ve submitted them to extensive scientific testing, confirming their effectiveness today.

The most known of these technologies is Transcendental Meditation. There are many other technologies we work with, including herbs, massages, sound therapies, light therapies etc. which are all designed to enhance positive qualities and reduce harmful ones.


To understand how such simple technologies can provide so many benefits, reserve a seat for one of our free Consciousness Talks.
During the talk, you will be able to:

Meet Your Advisor

Meet a certified Consciousness Advisor who can explain how Consciousness works, why it is so powerful and what you can do to improve your life.

Receive Guidance

Get recommendations that you can start to implement yourself immediately.

Learn from Experts

Get help to find local experts for the more advanced technologies.

Design Your Journey

Have the opportunity to sign up for a private session with your Consciousness Advisor to help you design your personalised journey and be your personal step-by-step guide.

Your Consciousness Advisor

Our highly trained Advisors can be a personal guide on your Consciousness Journey. They can help you prioritise what is right for you at this point in time and can help you to implement positive changes in your life.

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